Fred helped us define a plan for making the house marketable.

Our relationship with Fred started months before the our home was put on the market. In those initial months, Fred helped us define a plan for making the house marketable. That plan involved some repaires and improvements, making the house more presentable. Fred visited the house at least three times during this initial period, making excellent suggestions. We got several offers on the home and Fred helped us determine which offer was best for us. For example, one potential buyer offered us full price but had a contingency to buy upon the sale of their home. Fred pointed out that they listed their house way above fair market value and that house would not sell quickly.When we determined which buyer’s offer we wanted to accept, Fred help us through the contract negotiations. In addition, an issue came up between our lawyer and the seller’s lawyer. Progress came to a stand still. We informed Fred about the issue and he took the bull by the horns and found a way to resolve it quickly and easily.In the end, we spent $10,000 on improvements, and estimated the house sold for $20,000 to $25,000 more than it would have. Happily, we got our asking price.I would highly recommend Fred. We were extremely happy with his services

— Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Phillipsburg, NJ.